Open Source Gaming: Nexuiz 2.4 Released!

Date February 29, 2008

Nexuiz 2.4

After a long wait, the latest edition of the fast-paced free and open source FPS, Nexuiz, has been released! Major updates include a new menu system, additional maps, more efficient use of memory, updated textures and graphics, and lots more.

For screenshots, video, and download see:

Nexuiz 2.4 Screenshot

How do I install Nexuiz?

Nexuiz runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows alike, so no one is left out. The community is large and growing quickly. Here’s how to run the latest Nexuiz on your platform of choice.


Some distributions, like Ubuntu, include Nexuiz in their software repositories. Generally, this isn’t the latest version. You are better off downloading the latest .zip and running from there.

Nexuiz is self contained, so there’s really no installation — simply unzip and run the appropriate version.

$ unzip
$ cd Nexuiz
# Now, run either or
$ ./

Nexuiz should now present you with its main menu where you can set up your player, join a multiplayer game, or begin a single player compaign. If you like, you can set up a Gnome or KDE desktop shortcut to launch Nexuiz in the future.



Start by downloading and unzipping Nexuiz. In the Nexuiz directory, you’ll see both Nexuiz.exe and Nexuiz-SDL.exe. Run either one of these, or drag to your desktop while holding the ALT key to create a shortcut.


Download and unpack Nexuiz. In the created Nexuiz directory, double click either or to launch the game.

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