7 Linux Resources you Can’t Live Without

Date November 23, 2007


The Linux Documentation Project — This site is the product of years and years of combined knowledge. From HOWTOs on how to set up a software RAID, to Linux Clustering, this is the place to start when you’re not sure how to accomplish something.

LinuxQuestions.org — LQ has a huge community with distro and purpose-specific forums. This is a great place to turn to when you get stuck after reading one of the HOWTOs from TLDP above. With more than 2.9 million posts and more than 300k members, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here.

SourceForge.net – Sourceforge is where programs go to grow. If yum or apt-get don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are that someone is working on it – at Sourceforge. Also see freshmeat.net.

Freebsd handbook
— When it comes to just knowing your *nix, this is one of the best places to go. Wrap your head around things like pipes, configuring X11, and how to set up a chroot jail for security.

HowtoForge — Sometimes, you need a step by step guide. Maybe you need to get a mail server with virtual domains and webmail going in a hurry. Or, maybe you want to build a nice Time Machine-like backup solution with rsync. Howtoforge gives you simple to understand instructions from start to finish for many projects.

man / info – Linux comes with a surprising amount of documentation at your fingertips. If you’re already familiar with a command, sometimes all you need is a little hint. The built in man pages can give you that elusive option you were looking for — or remind you of the correct syntax.

Linux on Laptops and Tuxmobil — Can’t get that memory stick reader going on your laptop? Trying to decide which models have the best support before you buy? These sites list out by model what needs to be done to get your machine fully functioning. Tuxmobil even provides information on how to get Linux on your PDA and cell phone!

Bonus: IRC and Freenode — IRC is the place to go if you need to bounce a few questions of a live person. And it’s easier than calling tech support ;)

3 Responses to “7 Linux Resources you Can’t Live Without”

  1. oreonix said:

    Dont forget http://www.freshmeat.net

  2. twilight said:

    I cant live without distrowatch.com, tuxmachines.org and offcourse the distro-specific web site (for me Archlinux)

  3. penguin_addict said:

    Don’t forget http://www.raiden.net! Raiden’s Realm has been doing some awesome stuff lately!