Just when you think you’ve figured them out…

Date October 24, 2007

Thanks to reader Marc S. for the early heads up on this. It seems you really never can judge a book by its cover! I blogged a few weeks ago on why Google would never do IMAP. Well, it’s time to eat my hat.

Getting started with IMAP for Gmail

Here’s a capture of the option to enable the feature under Settings:

Gmail IMAP options

3 Responses to “Just when you think you’ve figured them out…”

  1. Why Gmail won’t do IMAP | Tip o’ the Day said:

    [...] Google has released IMAP for Gmail!  I’m eating my hat ;)   [...]

  2. Brandon said:

    Even so, your blog made some very good (and possibly still accurate) points. Mainly about the advertising. Could they have some kind of built-in ad scheme for their IMAP availability? Email ad-tagging like Yahoo and the likes? I’m eager to test this out but they haven’t enabled IMAP for my account yet.

  3. Shannon said:

    Cmon Gmail, update my account already”!